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"A Keen Eye" Fact and Folklore on Scottish Highland Cattle - Revised Edition 2023

"A Keen Eye" Fact and Folklore on Scottish Highland Cattle - Revised Edition 2023

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"A Keen Eye"

A revised edition by Una Flora Cochrane is now available for purchase at for $57.50 - shipping included!

As iconic as the magnificent breed it documents, A Keen Eye, Fact and Folklore on Scottish Highland Cattle is now available after more than 25 years of being out of print and almost impossible to find.

The revised edition, complete with some updates by the author Una Flora Cochrane is 344 pages of a magnificent comprehensive collection of information on Highland cattle in a beautiful hard back second edition. Illustrated with both historic and modern color photographs, it captures the true essence of the Grande Olde Breed, one of the most famous breeds of cattle in the world in their native Scotland.

Talk to anyone lucky enough to have the first edition and you'll understand why this is truly a treasured classic and a must have for any Highland cattle breeder or enthusiast.

Stephen Janz, a renowned 30 plus year breeder of Highland cattle in Germany and author of Highland Cattle, Icon of the Scottish Highlands called A Keen Eye a "Legendary classic" that "....accompanied me for most of my breeders life. It was a book that I love and have come back to time and time again."

A. McArthur, President of Scotland's Highland Cattle Society, at the time of the original publication, called A Keen Eye "...a unique publication which has been thoughtfully arranged to be of enormous interest to any reader - no matter what the level of experience they may have."

"Suil a ghleidheas selbh" 

"A keen eye keeps the cattle."




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